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Four months course from Oct 2014 to Feb 2015


When I was a children, me and my father watched a lot of Jakie Chan and Bruce Lee movies, They are heroes for me since I was young,so I started the study kungfu at kunyu mountain shaolin academy and stayed for four months.

I benefit not only the physical but also the mental experience.The one who influenced and helped me most are my two masters.Before I came here, I was expected a hard and good training and that was what I got. I usually liked to be here all the people here like the masters and students became like a family for me, the time I stayed here.

It’s a beautiful area here, It was that the enjoying the surrounding, but I spent holidays in Yantai city and I really love this city.

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train four month in China kunyu mountain academy

One month from Jan to Feb 2015

ANDY O’HARE       (UK)

I chose to study Kungfu in China because I was traveling in China and wanted a good experience and always wanted to do it. My motivation was to have a better lifestyle and feel fit and healthy. Also I wanted to revitalize  my passion for martial arts as I haven’t trained for a few years and was keen to get back with it.My greatest gain is that I feel more fit and healthy than I have for years even after 1 month and I intend to continue this lifestyle when I return home. Thanks to the Kunyu Mountain Academy.

My Shaolin master helped me during my stay with his training methods; He encouraged and corrected me to help improve technique. His experience is very influential and I feel I learned a lot from him even in my short stay. Brent also helps a lot in our class, he motivated the other students and is always willing to lend a hand to others.
I have enjoyed the wide variety of different training that I have undergone including the stretching, power training, Sanda, fitness and Kungfu forms.The surroundings of the academy are very pleasant and the air is much fresher than the cities which are nice.

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