Posting parcel notice:

We checked with Chinese Customs to check something that you can't post:

For posting package,everybody need to see this first before you did,Chinese Customs is more strict than other countries,if you posted something violated the Customs policy,they will destroy them by melting or burning,so,understanding their policy is very necessary:

1.Don't not post any battery inside any Digital products,such as laptop,mobile phone,Tablet,Mp3 player,CD players,you can bring its battery along with your luggage during the airplane instead of Posting.

2.You can post clothes or new clothes,but for new clothes,you need to remove paper Label.

3.Do not post any powder, liquid,such as cosmetics,washing liquid,pencil,wood,etc.

4.Don't post any food,Chinese customs may will not this go through due to Chinese foreign food policy.

5.You may post books or CD,etc,but you will fill out the form in your country to write that is only for study,and it doesn't contain any harmful contents.

6.Don't post anything with magnetism ,such as earphone.

7.For medicine,you can let them to offer you customs clearance documents certificate for posting.

Hope that are helpful for you,for any questions,you can feel free to email Kathy.

Notice: (There are many big shopping malls and supermarkets in the town or city we located,you didn't need to post for daily necessaries.For most of them,we suggest you can buy here easily in China instead of post.)