Some of Shaolin kung fu classes photo:

There are three full time Shaolin training classes and groups in academy:

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Training on Kunyu mountain in 2018.

Students practicing Shaolin application and conditioning.

  Shaolin Kung fu training with master Sun on kunyu mountain.

Master helping student to correct the posture of Shaolin application.

Master showing Chi Na skills

performing shaolin staff by students
The students performing shaolin staff in school anniversary of 2016.

Students performing shaolin weapon,double hook.

Shaolin explosive strength training together.

               Training internal kung fu ,YiJinJing

       Students training Shaolin combining with internal Kung fu,YijinJing.

Training on plum-blossom poles and in the sands of school.

                                           Students training  sparring on plum-blossom poles.

kung fu training photo
Training shaolin kung fu in Taoism temple of kunyu mountain.

Master  performing Sanda kicks in Kunyu mountain.

Master help students doing Shaolin weapon,staff.