Shaolin Yin Hand Stick (Shaolin Yin Hand staff)

Shaolin Yin hand staff (Shaolin Yin Shou Cudgelin Chinese) is one of the important weapon in Chinese traditional shaolin martial arts.Yinshou staff is a special stick set pattern.The general,Yu DAYOU,visited shaolin temple before and taught shaolin monks this stick and practiced in his army.The generations of shaolin monks studied it well and then,it has developed into a unique and effective stick forms,and named it Yingshou stick.The students from all over the world to study traditional Shaolin Kung Fu as well as shaolin staff.

Its feature is to use the two ends of stick,making a feint to the east and attacking in the west,pointing the upper but hitting the lower.The staff is to be held horizontally but not really horizontally,and vertically but not really vertically,that seems to attack a crowd,actually just a row.

Here are some movement names of shaolin Yinshou stick:

The starting movement.
Child worships the Buddhism Guanyin
Horizontal hold cudgel in Horse-riding step
Raise knee and stick backing
Push palm and stick backing
Upper-cut stick right in Horse riding step
Upper-cut stick left in horse riding step
Downward stick stick in Bow step
Downward strick stick in crouch Stance
Firgure-8 with cudgel,etc.

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