2019 FuXi cup” international Tai Chi & Chi Kung competition

FI XI CUP International Tai Chi &Chi Kung Competition 2019

In July 2019,we won 18 gold prize,25silver,and take 8 bronze in Taishui“FuXi cup” international Tai Chi &Chi Kung competition held in XiAn city,Shanxi Province in traditional Tai Chi,Shaolin,weapons,Chi Kung,Wing chun,etc.

The Competition Review from Sekgele :

My name is Sekgele Mogobe,a student in Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Kungfu Martial Arts Academy. I am from the Africa country by the name of Botswana. I am a male student of 24 years of age. I have been studying in Kunyu Mountain Martial Arts Academy for 10 months doing Wingchun,Baji and Qigong. 

My master in Kungfu:Master Guo selected myself and a group of other students to perform in the 1st Annual Fu Xi Gua Tai Cup International Shadowboxing Invitation Tournament in Tianshui City, Gan Su province. This was the first of its kind held in Tianshui and I had the privilage to attend and perform my Wingchun form to the judges and various spectators. It was also an opportunity to witness the martial arts forms of different schools and places. I received a silver medal for my wingchun form and I am very happy and glad to have received this award. During our stay in Tianshui, we had the best hospitality and reception from master Guo’s Kungfu brothers. We stayed at a beautiful hotel for 3 nights and we had very good food from that area. I must say it was the best experiences I have had in China in my 10 months of living here.

 After the competition I was among with the few students whom returned with the working staff of the school, we stayed in Xi’an city for 2 nights which gave me a special opportunity to bond with fellow students, my master and the wonderful and hard working staff of the school. On one occasion we collectively travelled to the museums and temples in Xi’an city, getting to see the scenery of the old and legendary city. We were accompanied by master Guo’s Kungfu brothers who treated us to see some tourist attractions like the Xi’an Great Wall and also feasted with us in celebration of a successful competition and they were very delight to see us. In another occasion, master Guo’s Kungfu brother showed us a temple to see the structures and statues in the temple and gave us a detailed tour of the place. I found this very pleasing. 

Attending the compeition

Chi Kung performance -One hand broke the flagstone with Chi Kung

Tai Chi performed by Johan Voskamp,July 2019,(Netherlands)

Certificate achieved

Back to academy 

All in all, and in conclusion I was very happy with the competition, the accommodation, the food, the transport and the site seeing. It was a very spectacular occasion for me and I will remember it and forever cherish it in my heart. I give a special appreciation to my master Guo for teaching me the Wingchun, Baji and Qigong so diligently and patiently, he gave me a chance to go to Tianshui and to show what he has taught me and for this I am eternally grateful. 

Yours faithfully      

Sekgele Ratanang Mogobe  

  Email:Sekhigobman@rocketmail.com           Facebook: Sekgele Mogobe

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