Some of Full time Tai Chi Chuan classes' photos 

                                              From  Kunyu mountain Martial arts academy :

Tai Chi Chuan performed by Headmaster of Kunyu mountain academy

Headmaster performing Chen style Tai Chi Chuan.

Headmaster performing Tai Chi form. 

Students learning Tai chi with Taichi master Wang in academy.(Photo of 2018)

Chinese Tai chi quan

The master showing the skills of Tai chi throwing. 

Student performing Tai Chi Fan.

Tai Chi Ball
Ariel  following with the master to learn Tai Chi Ball.

The master showing the skills of Tai chi throwing.

Students practicing Tai Chi push hands.

The students are following master to learn Yang style Taichi sword

Master performing Tai Chi Big Pole.

(Practicing Tai Chi Big Pole is very helpful for Taichi comprehensive power and explosiveness power.)