Sanda and shaolin Course till September 2019
Germany | Review written in Sep 2019

          Seven Month course -Sanda and shaolin Course till  September 2019

 ERIC QUAST    (Germany)      His Handwritten review paper is attached at the bottom of the page.  

 I  choose China, because I am interested in Chinese culture and language, especially because it gets more and more relevant today. I choose Kungfu because its traditional martial arts and also has a value system behind. I gained a lot of bravery and self discipline because the place gave me a lot of opportunity to get both and to make progress in both.

 I also learned Sanda (Chinese kickboxing)fighting and get more muscles and stamina. Additionally I met a lot of different people and experienced many different perspectives to see the world. And I think that taught me a lot about other people and also myself.I learned many abilities here. Like calligraphy, performing etc. and improved both my English and my Chinese. In my opinion this place teaches you more in a month than my school at home taught me in a year. In my time in Kunyu Mountain I met a lot of incredible people, that taught me a lot about life. that very valuable for a young man like me. 

My roommate were very friendly person that I liked. And coach Jamal and Master Gao had a very strong positive influence on me and taught me a lot. They also pushed me to do my best and gave me advice when I needed it.(Gained a lot from their rich knowledge and advises both of them). I also got a lot of advice and help from the people in my Sanda group especially Brett, who is a very excellent student here. Translator Daisy also helped me very much if needed a translation, even in her freetime. She takes her job very serious and is a very friendly person and very popular among the students. The training for the first week is very hard and tough, but after a few weeks, I was used to it, although it always challenged me, because of my teachers great work in pushing me to improve. I also pushed myself more and more until I was done here. 

The daily life here is very special because of all the different people from all kind of place and backgrounds and I like this. Another thing that I really liked is the great learning atmosphere in the Sanda group. Some new people who just smoke and broke the rules, but I think that Master Gao has been able to change this for good, because he made me an excellent student and the training improved as far as possible. The translators always did a good job and mainly Daisy helped me because she was always doing what she can do for me , also for other students. 

The surroundings of the academy are very beautiful and it’s a pleasure to wake up every morning and see this beautiful landscape. We can swim in the lake in the summer and I liked it.Its also a pleasure to train here, if the weather is good enough. I will definitely recommend the place. It was like a second home to me. And I hope that the atmosphere at the place will stay that good, because for me Kunyu Mountain Academy is the perfect place for learning.    Email:                  Facebook:Eric Quast



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