Henrion Colombe -Returning student Review for Kunyu
France , Spain,Germany | Written in April 2019

This page contains Three Reviews from Kunyu academy .

Five months Shaolin course till April 2019  

 Henrion Colombe -Returning student from France

Knowing that Shaolin KungFu is a Chinese martial art it was logical for me to learn it with Chinese masters.  Moreover, I always wanted to discover Asia, especially the Chinese culture and I was really interested in what the school (Kunyu Mountain academy) was offering.  My best gain from Shaolin training and Qigong classes is probably the fact that I learned how to get better control over my body and my mind (which both became stronger).   The Shaolin group cohesion, my masters,my friends and the translators, all helped me a lot. I developed a healthier life with better balance.  Some days are pretty hard but I’m proud of myself when I give the maximum anyway. 

The masters are like a second family for us, they educate us in their own way. Sometimes they are very strict (to help us progress faster) but they are also very understanding and they’re listening to us. All this communication is possible thanks to the translators, who are readily available.  In addition, the surroundings are amazing, the landscape is really beautiful and peaceful. 

 Email : colombe-henrion@hotmail.fr 

Learn Kungfu in China mountains

 Adrian Vogl  (Germany)    Three months course till April 2019           

    There was a lack of Kung fu schools in my home town, but I was always interested in this martial sarts.This led to the decision to come to China in order to learn Kung fu in its country of origin itself. 

Got enough basic Mandarin skills to make it easier to keep studying this language.Also great friends and insight in a completely different life style than what my own used to be. Older students always offered a helping hand and also the work staff. I found the training great, I would only have wished for a few more form application classes.I was one month in the Chinese kickboxing group of Master Gao,it was definitely good to start there to get in shape quickly. For my last two weeks I then switched to the Shaolin of Master Sun and Coach Wen. I absolutely loved it, Master Sun is such a caring person! There could be a bit less rice, but I guess that’s just part of the package… Daily life is great, it can also help you to live a healthy life and take it back home. The translators did an overall good job, even though on some occasions, the organizational word could be improved. Surroundings are great. Email:Adrian.vogl13@gmail.com 

Kunyu mountain shaolin academy China 

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 Three month course till April 2019

 Roberto Andres Martines Vergara    (Spain)  

     Because I wanted to learn martial arts and for that it’s better if you go to the source of it, in this case ,China, and it was a great chance to learn the culture. My motivation for the martial arts come from the kid version of myself. I have been influenced by Dragon ball and I wanted to learn martial arts to look like Goku. My greatest gain is the experience that made me closer of the knowledge of what is life.The people influenced and helped me: Everyone, but in particular coach Wen and my friends.The daily life can be excellent or horrible it depends on your attitude, in my case was great almost all the time. 

My training was interesting.My master was amazing, he was into the group and translators are the reason why this is possible so great. The surrounding are amazing, you can walk and feel the magic of this place but is really sad we cannot take it 100% because we cannot swim on the lake, but it’s beautiful.Still really pleased and I don’t regret anything. Email:Roooooberlabeieza@gmail.com     

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