This page contains Four Reviews from Kunyu academy .
Poland ,Venezuela, Italy, Romania | Sep 2019

This page contains Four Reviews from Kunyu academy with reviews in handwriting based on our feedback questionnaire are at the bottom of homepage     

 One Year Kung Fu course till September 2019

 Mateusz Baran   (Poland)        

Kunyu Mountain Reviews          

   I chose China to study kungfu because I have practiced kungfu for many years back in my country. This was a natural continuation of my interest and I wanted to intensify as well as improve my training and skills.I learnt a number of interesting Kung Fu thanks to master Sun guidance. 

I improved my skills in sanda, taiji, qigong,stretching and acrobatics. Though, I well know it requires further practice over the years. I am a self-motivated person. But master Sun and coach Wen helped me a lot during my training here. Life in Kunyu Mountain is well organized and quite efficient. Students needs are mostly attended by the school. The translators do a masterful job as intermediaries between the students and the master. They are always ready to help us, which makes life less stressful if some issues appear. 

The air and the surrounding mountains and rivers are amazing. This was one of the factors that made me come here. The place is just 

Diego Ignacio Tamayo   (Venezuela) One Month Shaolin kung Fu course

Learn KUNG FU in China

I choose China because it has the original Kungfu. Two things motivated me: a manga called Dragon Ball and watching video of the Shaolin when I was a kid.

My greatest gain was actually that I learned a lot about life, but also my forms, I love them.People who helped me: From the students Federico, Theo(from Shaolin group), Joshua and Simon, from Coach. Definitely I won’t forget coach Wen, he was the best.

Very good my experience. I feel that if you only do the obligatory classes, it is not so hard. I’d like go to the national park because in 1 month we went 1 time, daily life was pretty good. At first I was uncomfortable but in a matter of 3 days, it get very good. My master was very inspiring for me, I also loved that he was always with a smile, loved the Coach because I saw him as kind of a friend.Surroundings, the Kunyu mountain are beautiful, the lake also   

 Daniele Carrese  (Italy)      Two month Shaolin course till September 2019

kUNYU Mountain Shaolin Kung fu academy               

  I choose to study Kungfu in China because it's the place where the discipline is born and the opportunity to learn it from Master who dedicated their life to it and that motivated me a lot. 

Greatest gain: I discovered that Kungfu it is not just a Martial art but a lifestyle that if you follow constantly bring you good life habits and good health and you'll rich movement of your body that before looked impossible for me. Basically everyone who is part of the school influenced me from the students the masters and the staff pushing each other to do our best and never give up always being happy and building very good relationships between each other. this place is a wonderful environment where everyone helps each other, Masters are very focused and give all themselves’ to the student and it's an incredible experience, translators also are very dedicated at this job helping the student and the masters as much as they can and they are available at any moment for any kind of "translating problems". 

And training are incredible cool and hard at the same time but is beautiful because you gonna challenge yourself many times and is really motivated. Unfortunately I haven't visit Yantai city, but just walking around the academy through mountain and lakes it's breathtaking and brings you the right calm and interior peace needed to be ready for the trainings. 

Email:     Facebook: Daniele Carrese 

 Christina Surdila  (  Romania) One month Shaolin course in August 2019

I wanted to practice Kungfu since I was a small child and my father told me stories about Shaolin. 

Through the kung fu training,I can better control my anger. I can do meditation again.and The people who influenced me during my stay here:Coach Wen and Joshua, Master Sun and Massage master, the translators. Everybody help when needed and this is very beautiful. I didn’t find the training too hard. For me, there were a lot of forms which I need more time to practice. 

 All the masters are there when needed, the translators also.The view is very beautiful, everything.PS: if you don’t see Heibei(the dog), she is with me in switherland, I stole her~ Thank you all for your time and patience with us. Facebook:Christina Surdila    Email  

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Diego Ignacio Tamayo Returned again in Dec and his another feedback below:


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