A family from USA learn kung fu

Son:Five months kung fu training From March to August 2012

(Father:one month kung fu learning in Aug)

          A family from USA learn kung fu at Kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy.

From Father:Raul Gutierrez (58 years old)

It brings me great pleasure to write my experiences at kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy

China is the cradle of Shaolin Kung fu. This art was created, perfected, and transmitted from generation to generation by the Chinese people. No other place in the world besides China will offer such authentic art to students trying to learn it,so I came here to learn kung fu.

Since my son, Allan, was already here taking classes, he suggested me to come by and study together. What an opportunity for me to spend some quality time with him and learn together.

While in the kunyu Academy, besides spending quality time with my two boys, I learned that there is no age limit to practice Kung Fu, the Masters as well as the students are very helpful, translators go the extra mile to help everyone. Moreover, the people who live by the school are nice, friendly, and understanding about the language barrier that exists among the students.

During my first days at the Academy, besides my master, my classmates were very supportive providing with moral support. Additionally, they took the time to explain in detail the different moves that Master Shao was teaching to the whole group. Also, my son, Allan, was making sure that I was doing fine, and suggested me to start taking notes, so I can practice during my free time.

Regarding my experience at the Academy, I would say that the running, the warm ups, and going up to the mountains every Friday were excellent because I am used to exercising a lot. However, trying to perform the moves being taught by master Shao, that was a different story. My age factor played a huge role, I could not get it right away, and if I got it, the moves were rusty, and badly executed. Nevertheless, master Shao, along with my fellow classmates were there to help me get trough. Regarding life at the academy, I would say that it was marvelous because I had the opportunity to interact with students that like me come to the Academy from all over the world with one goal in mind: “To learn Kung Fu”. Masters as well as the translators are excellent. They know what the student need, and go out the way to help them. In my personal case, translators wrote on paper what I needed to show a taxi driver, or to a sales clerk so was able to chive my purpose. A HUGE thank to the translators.

The location is EXCELLENT! You people picked the right place to build this school. To me, it is like a paradise, there is no air pollution, student’s breath fresh air everyday, there is a lagoon to get refresh after lunch, or go for picnic during the weekends. Additionally, being a nature person, I like the mountains that are close by, the scenery, and the beauty that they display to the inhabitants of Kunyu Shan.

As a final note: Kunyu Mountain Traditional Shaolin Martial Arts Academy provided me with the best 58th birthday gift: “To spend quality time with my two boys, Francois & Allan”.

Best regards and keep up the good work!!


Training experiences from Son :Allen

I wanted the training to be authentic and tough,then,I went to China kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy.I was motivated by a desire to go someplace new.During my stay, I gained discipline, patience, and strength.

My master was very helpful. He is very involved with his students.He is a good teacher because he pays attention to his students’ movements; furthermore, he physically corrects his students as necessary, either by moving their body position or smacking them. I like this thing about him. I was also influenced by the other students that train hard.

Life here was more simple. I like this ,It teaches you that you do not need so many objects to live a comfortable life. I believe the masters were very helpful I regularly attended the mandarin, Acupuncture, Qi Gong, and massage classes, they were all informative.

The surrounding were quite striking .It was good to be in a place where nature was your immediate environment. Training here with my brother and Dad was an eye opening unforgettable experience.

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