Adrien Schuck(Six month course) , Victoria, Katalin Mueller
France Austria Austria | in Sep 2019

This page contains Three Reviews in Shaolin Kung fu and Chinese kickboxing training.

Students climbed Taosim temple next to us each week.

Adrien Schuck (French)     Six month Sanda Course till Sep 2019  

           I choose China to study kung fu because it is the place where its born. Also Chinese way to learn is hardest than in my country and it is also more efficient I think. So I knew by coming here that I will learn faster with Chinese masters. My greatest gain in the academy is my boxing level. I learnt a lot here about Sanda skills. I learnt a lot about myself too, how to be very relax, calm. Qigong help me a lot too to empty my mind and just relax. My master and coach helps me a lot during my training here. They always push me beyond my limit and are a real source of motivation.Chinese Kickboxing group and others student help me a lot too and are a motivation for everyday training here. 

 My experience has been very intense with the physical training of sanda group. The schedule of the week is hard and complete. I learn a lot about Chinese kickboxing, Shaolin forms, Qigong and about myself. You always know yourself better when you are in front of difficult situations. I kept training before and after class sometimes and the week end too.  The translators are helpful and talk well English. The master and coach are very careful on each student, no matter your level. The academy is perfectly situated in middle of beautiful mountains and nature.It is very quiet and peaceful. 

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Kunyu mountain shaolin review

 Victoria Grabenwoeger  (Austria )          

   I learnt about Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Academy through a friend of mine who came here in summer 2016 for one month. He told me that the training was hard and the whole experience had transformed his life in highly positive ways. Since then I often considered the idea of coming to Kunyu mountain myself, in order to put me through an intense physical training as well as a mind-widening experience. When I started to go to boxing classes regularly in 2017 in my hometown I realized that this was the first sport in my life that I enjoyed. Therefore, the thought of going to a martial arts school became much more realistic and in summer 2019, I took the decision to go to China. 

 I think my greatest gain is the passion for martial arts I developed here in Kunyu Mountain. Of course I enjoyed boxing before, but I did not have such a deep connection to martial arts generally. Training Kung Fu taught me to be more patient and showed me that persistent training will reward you with results. I have seen that the breadth of exercises and forms in Shaolin basics will yield a physical flexibility and strength that can be applied and used in many other sports. I have learnt that independent practice is very fundamental and once you start doing it regularly, it becomes a habit that you love. In the modern world, physical activity is often considered a burden, and I myself have often felt that way. After one month in Kunyu mountain, physical activity feels much more like a liberation.? When I go back home I will surely continue training Chinese kickboxing and Shaolin Kung Fu, and will therefore enrich my life with a hobby I can pursue for the next few decades.? After being here for almost 4 weeks I am sad to leave and would be happy to stay longer. While this is not possible due to my visa and responsibilities back home, I am quite sure to come back to Kunyu mountain in the near future, possibly when I finish my postgraduate studies in October 2020. 

I was very surprised by the strong community in this school. To people here it does not matter where you come from, how old you are, what your profession is or how much money you have. Students are all united by their desire to train martial arts and grow together by practising with each other every day. Advanced students are always willing to give advice to new students, which helped me a lot in the first few weeks here. Of course, our master and our coach were also very supportive and patient in demonstrating and correcting our forms over and over again. I liked that they weren’t too strict and could laugh with us when we were doing something wrong. My experience of the daily training schedule was highly positive – I enjoyed working out in a big group of people (new and old students), in which it did not matter how advanced you were. Moreover, the training was very diverse and rarely got boring, so time passed by quickly. I was almost always motivated to go to training and did not have to “fear” immense suffering. Because some of the exercises (especially Shaolin basics and acrobatics) were quite hard I sometimes had problems keeping up and felt frustrated. However, this frustration often faded when I saw myself making progress after many repetitions. 

The masters were patient and understanding in individuals’ limitations, and did not push too hard if someone could not/did not want to do something. I particularly enjoyed the Sanda training and could improve on my punches and kicks. While I found the training overall physically demanding, I would have benefited from a few more power high intensity training sessions in between. I liked the fact that students have free time,we get to rest and sleep enough and fill our time with fun activities like shopping or eating in Muping/Yantai. In my free time I was often reading, writing, talking to friends, swimming in the lake or going for walks. I really liked the surroundings of the academy – the lake luckily filled up with water and going to Muping and Yantai city was fun. Email:

Learn Shaolin in China Kunyu mountain

 Katalin Mueller    (Austria)            One month course in Sep 2019     

  One Month Shaolin Kung fu class till Sep I choose to study Shaolin in China because here is the begin of Kungfu. I wanted to see how is the practice  here and to make experience for myself. It was great to learn new forms in Kunyu Mountain , And also Taichi and Qigong. People who influenced and helped me: First the masters and Coaches and also all the other students helped me to learn. 

All the people here made a great work. The masters, coaches, translators, the people in the kitchen. And everybody was friendly. I felt I am welcomed from beginning. This is a beautiful place to practice Kungfu. And I liked the “Shen Qing” Temple most. 



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