Shaolin training reviews from three students from Kunyu Mountain
Sweden France Germany

This page contains three shaolin kungfu Reviews from Kunyu academy with handwirtten ones attached 

         One year course from March 2018- March 2019 

 Casper Aalto from Sweden-Shaolin Kungfu class

 The reason I chose China to train Kungfu is because I did not know much about Kungfu or much about China. I've always wanted to learn more about different Asian cultures and so why not start with the biggest country in Asia? And I've always been interested with different kinds of material arts so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.  

 My greatest gain from my Shaolin kungfu training is all the pain I've been put through. I've realised I can do much more than I thought I could, like my flexibility has never been as good as it is now.  The people who helped my are all the people that has been training with me during my stay here. All the Masters, coaches and all the student who saw that I was struggling with certain things. 

My experience has been good the whole time I've been in Kunyuacademy. All the Masters are nice people, you can always ask them for help and they will help. The translators are all funny people to talk to out of class and they are good at describing what the Masters are trying to convey. The daily training is fun because all the students and Masters make it fun to keep training.  

 The surrounding of the academy are beautiful, the mountains I will never forget. Yantai City and Muping are relatively close by and all the people are always interested in foreigners that walk the streets of their home City. It is always easy to find your way back and forth from the city's and the school.   

 Two months course from Jan to March 2019

 Kelian Abdel hamid Bouhafs   (France)  -Sanda/Chinese kickboxing Class 

  Why choose China:What better place than the birthplace of an art to study this art. The greatest gain is Flexibility, take down techniques and endurance from Chinese kickboxing training.

The people who influenced and helped me:My Shifu Master Gao and students in my group especially Jamal, Ramy,James and Aaron. 

The surroundings are great, nice view from the temple, it must be even better in summer.   

 Johanna Hinrichs  from German  (Two and half month course)   

                      Facebook:Johanna Hinrichs(Norway)

 In my home in Germany I tried a “german” style of Kungfu called Quan Dao. That made me curious about learning more and come to birthplace of Kungfu. From all the training I have feeling that I have so much more energy now. also, I grew in self confidence and of course in body fitness and flexibility. 

People who especially influenced me are Shifu Sun(Master Sun) because he is so patient, Coach Wen with his positive presence and the other students(especially Chns). Also Coach Loc was and awesome teacher. In the academy I experienced a big variation in training which made it vety exciting. The small shop is the heart of the place and has always had a good atmosphere. In the breaks I enjoyed having a walk along the river. 

The masters and translators have always been helpful and nice. I love surroundings and the academy. It is a very beautiful place on earth.   

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