Fredrik Gabrielsson Kung Fu reviews
One year and three month Course till 2018 November

Student  Fredrik Gabrielsson  From Sweden   

Fredrik learnt Chinese Taichi with Professional Taichi Master.

 The reasons I chose to go to China to learn Kung Fu are many. Some of them are that I think that when you want to properly learn something you should go as close the heart of the source as possible. And China is the heart of Kung Fu. Another big reason for me to travel to China is because I had a big surgery done on my back and became somewhat traumatized for physical activities. Through my stay here I have managed, not only to get rid of this trauma, but also starting to have a better understanding  how my body works. And what kind of exercises I can do and to what extent. 

 Through my stay here I have found a great passion for martial arts and Chinese culture. For this I want to thank my fellow students who kept training alongside me during my stay, and the masters that kept pushing us forward. I especially would like to thank Master Wang for all his teachings. Thank you!   

After being here for a while you realize that time seems to flow differently in these mountains. Days just sort of happen and they flow in to a week in no time. Months seem to pas by the same pace as weeks do back home. Training here is tough on the body at first, but after some time you get used to the strain. Not that the pain disappears, if you keep pushing yourself, your body just get used to deal with it. The masters are all really good at what they are teaching and, in my opinion, they push you the right amount. The translators her are really amazing people that do a really good work. They are super friendly and helpful and have made my stay here a lot easier. 

He attended the 8th traditional Kungfu compeition in Qingdao of Oct 2018,and achieve silver medal in 26 form of Chen style Tai Chi and Taichi single sword respectively.

 The area around the school is absolutely beautiful! The mountains and lakes are magical no matter the season. And to be surrounded by apple farms is amazing and really helps with the feeling of being out in the Chinese countryside, in the mountains. You can really notice the difference of the air here after spending a day or more in Muping or Yantai. It is so much better her in the mountains and in nature. The closest city, Muping, is a small city that is everything you want from a rural city in Asia in my opinion. This is where to go if you need to get more supplies of foodstuff for everyday. Or just as a one day getaway on the weekend. Yantai is the closest bigger city where you can do some more shopping in one of the malls or go out for finer dining or parties in the evening. This is mostly done as a weekend trip by the students.  

Master helping him to feel the Chi movement and its application.

Fredrik spent more than one year to train here.

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