Three wing chun reviews in Kunyu academy
Canada Australia UK | in March 2019

Three Wing chun  Reviews from Kunyu academy with handwritten ones listed .

         Ten Months course till March 2019

  Christopher Terrio (Canada)              

Ten Months course till March 2019 I chose China to study Kung fu because it is the birthplace of Kung fu and where wing chun began. I was motivated to come so I could commit to training everyday and learn from a Master of long lineage. My greatest gain is learning forms and techniques to practice in the future.

Master Guo was my greatest influence and Lukasz was a great help as a training partner. It was a great experience training daily and learning from such a great Master. Meeting people from all over the world was awesome. The translators are great and very helpful. The surrounding areas beautiful. 

It is great to be surrounded by mountains and so much nature. Nice to have a break once in awhile in Yantai and check out some of the local tourist spots,eat food and do some shopping. 


 Peter Li Hodson(Australia )     Two month course in Feb 2019      

             I have always been interested in Kungfu, so when the opportunity came I took it. I got A good learning experience and fitness increased. Who influenced and helped me: Mostly other students. The training is very good but some activities such as sparring I did not get to do as much as I wanted. Daily life is good but can get boring. Masters and translators are amazing. Masters are very good at teaching students. Surroundings: Beautiful. Email:PETER.HODSON@IINET.NET.AU  


 Matthew Joseph Thorp   (UK)           One month course 2019 

 China is the birthplace of  Kungfu. Because China is so far away, its an adventure or experience or a lifetime to be able to study there.I feel that Kunyu Mountain martial arts academy helped me to understand what real commitment can help me to achieve. Master Guo was an inspiration, his patience and positive attitude kept me working hard. Jihe as a monitor was an awesome example or true dedication.Dora made communication loads or run and easy.  

My  training involved me focusing a lot on my forms and flexibility. Dora taught me mandarin in the month I was at kunyu academy, she did a good job, as I struggle with other languages. 

Daily life:7/Breakfast 8:30/1st session 10:30/2nd  session 12/lunch 12:30/read or train 2:30/3rd session 4:30/mandarin 5:30/dinner 6:15/train(individual) 8:00/shower 9:30/fall asleep 

The academy is in a beautiful area. Although I came at the coldest time, it was still truly beautiful. Thank you!



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