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The Benefits of Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts

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Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the oldest known martial arts, having been around for many centuries. Despite this, its teachings and exercises are actually still relevant today. Many people wonder what the benefit of this martial art is, compared to other more popular varieties and techniques.

Shaolin Kung Fu offers its students a wide array of activities, ranging from hand-to-hand combat to weapons practice. This whole-body martial art helps to build strength, energy, and mobility while supporting mental well-being and resilience. It is a discipline that can be performed by anyone, regardless of someone’s age or ability level.

A Vast Amount of Styles to Learn

This technique is an ancient art that is divided into five major schools: Song Mountain, Hu Bei, Guangdong, Sichuan, and Fu Jian. Each of these schools uses different methods, including a wide variety of moves using both the body and various weapons.

Forms within Shaolin Kung Fu include straight sword, spear, battle, and performance sparring, and most schools will teach a combination of these dependent on the student’s ability level.

This means that those taking up this practice can choose the discipline that suits them best, or even look at engaging in multiple schools at the same time if they are feeling determined!

A Whole-Body Focus

Most sports like cycling, weightlifting, and running involve just focusing on certain muscle groups. Shaolin martial arts requires the use of the entire body in its combat forms, as it exercises and stretches all these muscles through movements such as punches and kicks. 

It also involves switching between sprinting, boxing, and kicking, requiring different energy levels. This turns these sessions into a type of interval training, one of the most effective ways to exercise, lose weight, and maintain positive energy levels.

Nurturing Body and Soul

The goal of the practice is not to fight, but to avoid conflict and gain inner wisdom. It is a discipline that fosters courage, inner peace, understanding, and a love of life. Unlike other martial arts that often emphasize training that involves injuring or taking out an opponent, Shaolin philosophy prioritizes a peaceful approach, making sure that the least amount of violence is used, or ideally, none at all.

The spiritual side of the practice also makes it popular with those looking to increase mindfulness and their own mental well-being as well as their physical health. Internal exercises use techniques such as breathing, visualization, and gentle movements and stretches in order to stimulate a person’s qi and promote physical and mental well-being. 

Suitable for All AgesThanks to the wide number of disciplines contained within the technique, it can be suitable for any age or gender. However, people with particular health concerns should speak to their Shaolin master to adhust their training accordingly.

Starting Shaolin Kung Fu

Individuals looking to start learning the discipline should see what is available in their local area. Remember to practice due diligence by making sure that the training is offered by fully qualified Shaolin masters that will conducst sessions safely while utilizing the right knowledge and expertise.


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