Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu school review from Theo
(France) Feedback written on June 20,2022

Kung Fu experience from French student,Theo,of Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Kung fu academy China.

Theo Girard  (France)

Three Years Kung Fu Course from June 2019 to June 2022 

Email : gtheo221@gmail.com


kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu school China

Theo trained Traditional Shaolin Kung fu with Master Sun.

I came to China in your establishment for a change of scenery, for the adventure of Kung Fu, and changed some habits. It seemed interesting to me to be immersed in an environment where people come to transform themselves. I was only talking in my native language, so I had to learn English to communicate with students and understand the translators. It took me some time to be comfortable. But the moods that can be shared with people are universal, so it did not stop me from spending good times with the masters, and students. 

He also participated in Kung Fu video online course making.

He also participated in Kung Fu video online course making.

During my 3 years, I practiced Chinese martial arts Shaolin, Taichi, Sanda, Wing Chun and Baji, which allowed me to develop a very wide variety of movements, and forms. Training is intense, and it is very difficult to control Kung-Fu forms in all its aspects, it requires a lot of practice, and advanced physical skills. Discipline, perseverance and patience are the necessary qualities to develop because after 3 years of hard practice, I realize that excellence requires decades of work. This realization forces humility, and from my disappointment is born the rejoicing to still have a huge way to go. Of course, I thank all the masters who have been present, Master Sun for his warm, and perfectionist character. At Master Gao and his severity that gives order and discipline and always pushes us to surpass. Then Master Guo for his professionalism, his wisdom and his kindness.

Finally, the school is in a pleasant natural space, surrounded by mountain, lakes, and some temples.


Theo who spent three year in Kung fu training here at Kunyu academy.He also participate a China Kung Fu Movie filming inside our academy.

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Kunyu mountain Natural Conservation District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China. Postal Code: 264100

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