There are professional Wing chun masters and classes here,student can focus on it .

 Some Chinese Wing Chun(also wing tsun)  photos are listed below:

Click to see Kunyu Mountain Shaolin martial arts academy review for traditional Wing chun class:

Wing Chun Fist develop very fast in recent years by influence of films and TV , and it become quite famous all over the world with so many people to study it . It is a practical combat martial art with rich traditional culture .    

Wing chun group of students and master in Kunyu mountain.

Train Chinese Baji Chuan in Kunyu mountain martial arts academy

Wingchun training on Taoism Temple with master.

Master Guo showing wing chun movements on the Wooden dummy

The application training in the Taoism Temple near us.

                              Wing chun Master performing Yongchun Bazhan sword.

Students practicing Wing chun applications.

Chinese martial arts are extensive, profound and have a long history. It is more complicated than other martial arts systems. In Chinese martial arts, more than half the fist forms imitate animals. With observations of animals and with their own wisdom, martial arts ancestors were so smart that they created fist forms which embodied the characters of animals. This embodies the core spirit of Chinese kung fu culture that “Tao (in Taoism) comes from the nature; universe and human being are combined.” This also suggests a profound eastern cultural connotation. In Chinese  kung fu training, there are many animal fist forms such as: tiger form, eagle form, snake form, mantis form and so on.  They are filled with mystery and reach a peak of perfection. Besides, Wing Chun  was also created with animal enlightenment by Chinese kung fu ancestors.