2012 Reviews from July to Dec

Five months from June to December 2012

Shaolin Kung fu training experiences from Amy (South Africa)

The training at the kunyu mountain academy is great.I came to china to improve my Chinese and learn about Chinese culture. I planned to spend a month before arrival at Kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy but I liked it so much here I stayed for five months instead. Shaolin Kung fu Training here has taught me to push myself harder than I thought I could. It’s exposed me to a different way of life, I have learned lots that I hope to take home with me. I have especially enjoyed sanda, (Chinese kickboxing) and Qigong.

My master has been fantastic. My class was small for the most part, and he was very attentive to each of us. He motivated me to train harder all the time. I am very uncoordinated so I really appreciated his patience. The students here are from all over the world. I have made some amazing friends I will hopefully be seeing again soon.


Training testimony from Claire of shaolin kung fu and Tai Chi class in China kunyu mountain. 

Having no previous training in Chinese martial arts, I chose to come to China because it was the only way I found that I could train all day everyday. A couple of hours a day a few days a week would have been the way I would have learned in America. I wanted to fully immerse myself to learn more quickly. In plus, I love to travel and would not have made the time to come to China or maybe even Asia otherwise! So, coming kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu school here to learn kung fu was logical for me.

 I gained a lot here by learning shaolin kung fu here. I really loved my time here. I am amazed at how all different cultures come together harmoniously so that we all learn what we came here for. I am amazed by the patience of the shifus (masters ) not only do people come and go from home countries on their own schedules ,so it can be difficult to teach one unified class, What I gained most is perseverance through pain. Seeing progress each week is inspiring and encouraged me to do better.

Everyone helped me here. My roommate probably the most. I really appreciate having the chance to work with all the masters during morning Taichi. Being part of a small group, I think my master group were all very close and were my family here. It wouldn’t be possible to feel connected to the academy without the translators. Their kindness is invaluable.

Morning is the most valuable time for me and learn Tai chi/Qi gong to start is important. I have breakfast with my friends supplemented with buffet from Jusco and Jam. Between breakfast and first practice is my family time. After lunch I do my own training, running or napping. At night, I watch movies with friends. I like that everyday I generally knew what kind of training we were in for. I enjoyed all training sessions, they are all important.I really liked power training sessions. Although I prefer forms and Sanda (Chinese kickboxing).

I love the surrounding area here. The remote nature of the area is one of the reasons I chose to come here to learn China kung fu. I was keeping it would be in a beautiful mountainous setting and it is. I really enjoyed hiking in the kunyu mountains. I like Yantai city and Mu ping town.You are welcome. Thanks for the great experience!


Neal Hertzke (German)  three month course from September,2012-Nov,2012 

Neal spent two months to learn shaolin kung fu and Wing chun.

 China is the birth place of Chinese Kung Fu, its philosophy and practice can only be found within the country. Often when practice in another country, it can be misunderstood or not taught correctly. However in Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu academy, China one can be certain that the correct methods and philosophy are taught and practiced.” Also you are able to learn about when you pursue Kung Fu.

Amazing palce to learn China kung fu.I also found that learning Chinese martial arts would be best done in China, and from a real master of Kung Fu to top it off.”In my first month training here I started with Shaolin kung fu, I quickly realized how much endurance, stamina and technique were required. for me,it was a little tough to get used to, although I feel how much my mind and to learn Wing Chun, therefore for my 2nd month I eagerly joined the class,after many weeks of hard training I improved a good amount. I also occasionally did Qigong in the mornings, which I really enjoyed. Some of the other courses that I found interesting were the acupuncture and massage classes, I learnt a lot from them and I am excited to come back and learn more. Maybe next time I will also do more Taichi and Qigong.

 I felt that all the staff (translators and masters) were all very helpful and welcoming. They gave me a very home-like feeling.

 Kunyu mountain Shaolin Academy has become my second home for me in fact. All of the masters at the academy were very reliable and really excel at their Kungfu. This is in my opinion the most important factor for a martial arts academy. My kung fu masterwill remain my kung fu master forever and I am honored to have learn Wing chun from such an amazing martial artist. His appearance was also very reliable and also was an excellent teacher.I felt that training 6 hours a day was very beneficial. Also when you needed to do something else such as work on things for back home, the academy was very understanding, which I found very good. The daily meals were good in my opinion, since I really like Chinese food. The masters and translators were all very nice, and make being here a great experience.

 I really appreciated that the environment of the mountains and fresh air. I am already used to mountains and fresh air because I have lived in Switzerland for many years, but Kunyu’s mountains were different in a good way. I appreciated having a temple nearby and also the cities muping and yantai for occasional weekend trips. Overall, this has been one of the greater experience of my life.

Kung fu training For eight months From Feb to October 2012


Kimberly (USA)

I was motivated to come to study Kungfu because I love sports and did gymnastics most of my life, wanted to try something new. China is the birth place of Kungfu. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to study it,so I come to Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu school,and it is amazing.

 The greatest gain from kung fu training is confidence you get in knowing that I can defend myself ,take care of my self and know my bodies strengthens, weakness as well.My roommates that I have had throughout my stay have all become my close friends that I still keep in touch with them even though they finished the study and have left.

My study here has been a great one. The people are great and it really became a second home and the people become like family to you. Everyone is kind and enjoy helping each other regardless of skill level. We all have stuff to learn from each other the masters are very caring. They all enjoy teaching us Chinese martial arts. Their love for it makes us love it more as well. They will do all they can to help you in any situation. Everyone works together at the academy and get along very well.

The area around the school is very beautiful. I love walking up in the morning and seeing the beautiful mountains, or the cool calm serenity of Qi Gong by the river. It is a very spiritual place to learn China kung fu. Other than spiritual it is also fun as well, swimming in the lake. Yantai is also a very nice city there is lots to do and the people are so nice and helpful.


Group:Two months kung fu training From August to October 2012

The Swiss group

A group of six from Switzerland learn Chinese martial arts (Shaolin kung fu and Wingchun )China Kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy for Two months.

Robin Kellenberger (Switzerland)

 China is the origin of Wing Chun. Authentic way to learn Kungfu. Schools that learn it traditional are rare in Europe,so I came to China kunyu to learn it,it is a special experience. Nice nature. To make the trip with friends motivated me, and I also to enjoy real Chinese martial arts the whole day.

 I’ve learned a lot in Kunyu mountain academy. A big gain is the variety of moves, forms and martial arts knowledge. I got an idea how to use Wing Chun, could try techniques in sparing and performed in front of many people. It was a big way of improvement, that’s every time cheering.

 I’m sure that my wing chun master, influenced and helped me a lot. If I had questions I could always go to my master and ask for answers. Also the translators, friends and actually the whole academy are very willing to help.I really enjoyed it here. The start in the day with TaiChi and Chi kung (Qigong) was relaxing and smoothly woke me up every morning. The training was good. You can adapt fast to the rhythm and program of the school, if your willing is to train and make progress. The academy arts sometimes like a big family. Everyone was helping if you ask for it.

The location of school is great! The mountains, the close lake, the Taoism temple, the apple trees….I enjoyed nature and surrounding things. Muping is close and practice to buy what you need and Yantai is a nice city for any interests.


Timon Kellenberger's reviews

The reason to come China.  First, because it’s a birth place of Kongfu and I thought, it would be cool to learn the basics from there and to see how the training is. Also, I was interested in to visit China in a tourist way. At the weekends I was able to visit Yantai or Muping so I could get an impression of life in China.

The best gain is the experience itself. I learned extremely much new forms and backgrounds of it for this short time. I got stronger because of course because of the daily running, but besides the advantages in sport you also got to know a lot of cool people. Here you got connection to the whole world.

During my stayed in kunyu mountain school I learned a lot of new things. I improved my fighting skill and my firness as well as my internal Kongfu with Qigong. The training is s a whole wide ranged. First you will get into the new rhythm with your body but after a month you are adapted to the training. Of course it also depends on yourself how hard the training is. If you are motivated you will learn a lot with a hard training. With the people here I always had a good relation. The translators are very friendly, the masters are very skilled and the students are cool persons.If I have a question, there was always a translator, a master or another student who could help me.I liked the nature around the school very much with the mountains and the lakes. It’s beautiful. Especially the temple, were we made the mountain run. Muping(the town school located) is easy to reach and Yantai city (the city the school located)is a huge cool city to discover.

Email : timon@livenet.ch

Two years and two months from Aug 2010 to October 2012

 Mathieu (France)

                              Mathieu learn Chinese shaolin kung fu at school for more than two years 

I came to china to learn more about the Chinese culture and China Kungfu. I spent more tha two years to study kung fu at Kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy,it was a great experience. The life style is different. The food is good. The translators did help me a lot in understanding the shifu better and to travel around China.

My master was like a father to me, show me a better way to live my life and made my understood what were respect and honors. Master is a great kung fu master. He understood what I need and make me a stronger man. I will always remember those amazing 2 years. I will be back to a third year if I get the chance.


Six weeks from Aug 2012 to October 2012

Guibert Jean Sebastien (France)-Tai Chi and Chi kung class

I went to China where Kungfu was born. Passion motivated me.I benift got a good physical condition and a serious training and better knowledge of taichi.The Taichi training what I have learnt is the best quality.The environment is ideal, really ,really good and beautiful mountains.My time here was really good and I would like to come back next year, with my daughter.

Thank you a lot to my internal kung fu master.

Diana Yemil(Mexico)Four Months from May 2012 to Sep 2012

 Diana learned here  for  Four month.

 Kunyu mountain is best place to learn kung fu in China.I wanted to find a place where I could train all day martial arts, to learn well and be challenged constantly, so I found Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu academy and it has been better than what I expected. Everyday you have the opportunity to grow more to improve yourself ,masters will always push you to help you get further. my master has been my best guide here, he has helped me improve a lot within a short time.

The academy provides a great life style, you also get to meet people from different nations and cultures. and anywhere you turn around to learn there is always a beautiful view of the mountains,You could go swimmming on summer and visit the temple anytime during the day what makes life easier here is that if you need something you can always go to yantai city to go get it.

 The air smells great, fresh and it is really nice that we can drink the mountain water from the tap.

 I‘ve gained cardio resistance, speed, flexibility , muscle strength, sanda skills, great friends and the experience of training in china.

Three weeks in Sep 2012 ----------Marijke van der Linde(Holand) -

I love experiencing different cultures, especially Asian cultures. I’ve practiced yoga in India, Buddism in Thailand and now Kung fu in China. The best way to learn is to learn it in the country where the tradition comes from. In the Netherlands I’ve practiced Thailand kickboxing for 5 years, this experience helped me a lot here.

I experienced China Kung fu! I was taught by very good masters with people from all over the world, that’s great! Just to get out of the matrix of the western live and do something completely different. I hardly thought of home, because your so focused here on learning.

My master is very precise and pushed to your limit.he is strict and pays a lot of attention to the details. He let me spar more because of my experience, that was very cool! He supported my well. Also, some students helped me with practicing kicks, take downs and sparring.

I like the translators a lot. They are helpful, funny and patience. And they do a good job translating everything and remembering all the names of the students.

Daily life is wonderful. Working out a lot, it can be tough, but there are enough brakes to rest and also the tai chi and chi gong are good for slowing down and gaining new energy.

 The weekends are good for resting and doing fun such like going to the bathhouse or market in Yantai, the beach, eat fresh noodles and ice scream, the moving or if you have enough energy a mountain walk, which is beautiful!!

 The surroundings are amazing.


Luke spent six months From April to October 2011 and he returned to learn another Six months from March till September in 2012.

Luke(New Zealand) Returning Student

I learn wingchun for six months at Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu academy.The training is good and Wingchun is a good group( one big family) The translating was generally good .They were polite and helpful.

 Master Guo is an amazing master, he has taught me a lot of stuff both physically and mentally and I feel I have achieved a lot.Master Guo has opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking and living. I am very grateful for everything and I wish I wasn’t leaving. Xiexie shifu.(Thank you master)

Surroundings of the school is beautiful. Peaceful, very relaxing and quiet with not many people around. Amazing view of mountain. Yantai is a very nice city with loads of stuff to do. Clean city and nice girls!


One month from Aug to Sep 2012

Krista Demassi(Canada)

I love china and Chinese martial arts and wanted to experience an authentic training masters,so I go to Kunyu mountain kung fu school.It was a perfect place to learn Kung fu. I hoped to get in shape to learn from real masters of the art.

I got New skills ,friends and an understanding of Kungfu +china during my stay here.

My classmates were so supportive and amazing. I learnt so much from them.

I truly enjoyed my time here at kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu school. The training was fun and I learnt a lot. I wished at time our master would give us more direction. The rooms +food were good enough and I loved getting to know the people here. I wish I could stay longer.

5.The area around the academy was so beautiful. The river and mountain and temple were amazing .It was a perfect place to study.


Zohra Mouhetta(Dubai)

I choose china because this is the best place of kungfu and I always wanted to come here since I was young.This trip at kunyu mountain here helped me to get back physical mood. After a long time training here this left a good memory for me. I am happy I could make here and through the training.

My kung fu master is a great influence on me and having a good group to train with me was really helpful.

Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu academy china

It has been a long dream to come to china and experience kung fu and coming here was really a blessing. I am grateful to master to share his knowledge and wisdom with us and to the academy to open its doors to the international students. Master xu is a patient teacher. He has such an amazing strength and softness at the same time. I would like to thank him very much for his training and kindness.

The surrounding of the academy is absolutely great and peaceful. His entire region is nice and I can't think of a better place to come and do China 's kungfu and taiji.


Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu academy china


Family team:Two months kung fu training From July to September o2012

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family Email:mccombroofing@aol.com

Training experiences from Daughter:Mccomb Daisy Jayne

Returning students For another Four months till Sep 2012

Elliot spent four months to learn Mantis and Bagua in Jan 2012,and then return to learn another four months at Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu school China since end of May 2012

Elliot O'Donnel (UK)

Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu academy is a special place for everybody to learn kung fu, no matter what your background, age, race or gender. Everybody's experience will be different, this is a guarantee, and you ought to bare that in mind when reading what I have to say; however I can assure you that whoever you are and whatever reason you have for coming, that alone will be enough to ensure you love the time you spend there.

My experience was shaped by my mantis and Bagua master. The greatest thing about master  is that his training transcends the parameters of physical exercise; not only does he pass down his skills as a master, he manages to train his students to be better people. I think the answer to how he manages this is that he treats his students as individuals in an environment akin to family, all of which he creates through his charisma and high level of communication skills. The longer you spend with master, the more you feel the need to uphold this legacy and better yourself not for your own reasons but for his as well. So in short, I'm a better person thanks to this great man.

Training kung fu here is always going to be tough but it will never be beyond the individuals' own capacity. One of the fundamental lessons I learnt was that you must train to your standards and level of intensity and not compare it to anyone else's, and like most of the things you learn here, this extends to all aspects of life. I found the athletic and fitness quite easy and very fun, whilst still offering a challenge. I began to love running up the mountain every Friday, the scenery is beautiful and the sense of camaraderie was almost tangible; if someone was struggling, you wouldn't be able to stop yourself from encouraging them, because that's the type of person you become at the Kunyu mountain school. However what I found difficult to grasp were the forms and spacial awareness that comes with Gong Fu, I had no previous experience and had to put a lot of effort into understanding body mechanics and learning how to use your body "properly". In the beginning I would get frustrated but after hours and hours and hours of practice it started to all come together. Nobody is born naturally good at Chinese kung fu, it is about how much work you put into to it and as soon as you recognize this and apply it to your training the limits to which you think restrict you are broken and you can become as good as you want to be.

Once you get to the stage of knowing what you are good at and what you are bad at, master will step in and begin guide you in any direction you want to take. For me it was not so much the aesthetic nature of the forms but the applications behind the beauty. Every lesson the movements I was learning would be broken down and demonstrated in a manner which highlighted how to use them in a fight, I would then go onto to practice them for the rest of the lesson with my Kung Fu brother or with my roommate later on. This tailored tutoring helped me to develop into the martial artist that I wanted to be, not how somebody thought I should be.

The scenery is amazing, no matter what the season, and the tranquility of the Kunyu mountain national park provides the perfect backdrop for anyone truly trying to purify their system.

I have no doubt in my mind that Kunyu Shan has something for everyone, even those with reservations about going to a Shaolin martial arts academy. Realistically it wasn't the academy itself that made my experience so special, it was my mantis master. Nevertheless its a great place where you have the opportunity to meet amazing people from all over the world and become as great as you want to be.

James Harris (UK)       Seven months from Jan to August 2012

My reviews of kunyu mountain shaolin academy.For years I have had a passion for martial arts and although I trained at home I wanted harder and more traditional training.

I have involved all my training here, I feel my kicking and pushing have improved a lot and as well as learning new forms I have also learnt many new applications.

The masters are very knowledgeable and push me very hard to improve myself.

My internal kung fu master was my master for the majority of my stay and I learned a lot from him. I also studied mantis with master for a month and enjoy this too.

The translators are very friendly and very helpful and work hard to make very students enjoy stay here.The academy is well equipped with training facilities and is set in a beautiful location.

I hope to return next year to continue my training.

Email: traxdate101@hotmail.com

One month from July to August 2012

Neda (Germany)

I decided to come to china for intensifying my kongfu experience .As I have been study kungfu back home, I decided to go to Yantai city where this style was developed.

The trip was awesome and exceptional experience .Especially the good community among students and masters is a good memory I will take home .Everyone at the academy met me in a supporting and friendly way. The masters were patient teachers and helped me improving my skills. In addition I really enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of the academy. The lakes and mountains are perfect for either playing free time or training. To sum up, I had a great time and I would be glad to come back to the academy someday.


Returning student:One year from 2010 to 2011 Last time

This time:Two months kung fu training From July to September 2012


Philip Margette(Germany)

In July 28 and August 8,2012 respectively,Philip and some of masters and students took part in the China International Traditional kung fu competitions held by Yantai city for twice

Back home again.

Coming back to Kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts Academy to train for two months was a nice experience. I was glad to see my Master as well some of the old students still training kung fu here since I left the Academy 10 months ago.

During my stay here I was able to push myself further and further and I achieved more than I hoped for, even though I hadn’t kept up with my training during my 10 months’ break.

All the kung fu Masters put a lot of effort into the training and I could train with them and experience their methods of teaching. The handful of dedicated people that love training as much as I do kept me going and I will always remember the good suffering times we had together.

 On the weekends we could relax either outside at the lake or take a cab to Muping or Yantai and enjoy our free time.Many thanks to all the translators in helping us out to communicate with the Masters. You will be missed.I wish all the best to the Masters and translators, as well to the handful of dedicated and crazy people I’ve trained with and call now friends.


PS:In July 28 and August 8,2012 respectively,Philip and some of masters and students took part in the China International Traditional kung fu competitions held by Yantai city for twice,and completed the competitions successfully and achieved excellent records.


Two years from September 2010 to Sep 2012

(Sam returned again in Oct this year to learn another six months)

Kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy China Reviews

Sam Barnes(UK)

I spent two years to learn Chinese martial arts (Wingchun,Baji,Tai chi and Chi kung) kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy

Came to China at 16 years old and finished at 18 years old. My Master is the best master and martial artist I have met. He helped me grow into a man, and is like a father to me. I hope to train with him for the rest of my life. I now have found myself as a person and want to teach Chinese kung fu when I return home. The translators are fantastic, especially Sarah who has been here since 2011.

Training is sufficient and after long and hard work you can become a very good martial artist.The food at school is great and healthy. There is always a variation in the food which makes students happy.

Great place to learn Chinese kung fu in China..


One Year: kung fu training From July 2011 to August 2012

Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu school China Reviews

DARRYL Barret (Australia)

I want to learn and teach kung fu,so I came to China kunyu academy to study. What better place to learn than China, the birth place and home of Chinese kungfu. Thanks to the generosity and teaching I received from Wing chun master in taichi and Wing Chun, and the mantis and bagua skills from Mantis & Bagua master, I now have an excellent appreciation of what each style offers and my own body limitations


Daily life at kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy is a bit like boarding school.The beds are hard but you get used to them. The meals are quite good compared to other kungfu schools and the academy is consistently changing the dishes to try and satisfy student,that is very good.

The day to day training is consistent and of good quality. The masters continually monitor students progress and attendance.The translators work long hours and are always willing to help students whenever possible.

Kunyu is located in a valley on the mountains. The area is beautiful.Yantai city is only a taxi or bus ride away, and offers anything the local village can’t not provide.

I gained a great deal on my year at kunyu kung fu school and certainly have no regrets.


Son:Five months kung fu training From March to August 2012

family group from USA

 A family from USA learn kung fu at Kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy.

From Father:Raul Gutierrez (58 years old)

It brings me great pleasure to write my experiences at kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy

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kung fu training From July to August 2012

 A family from UK learn one month kung fu during their summer holiday at Kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy.

Comments From KINGSLEY

(Wingchun class)

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