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shaolin kung fu students practicing outside the Chinese martial arts academy.

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Traditional shaolin martial arts originated from the Shaolin Temple,and it named Shaolin kungfu according to the name of the Temple. Shaolin Temple situated in beautiful Song mountain Dengfeng City, Henan province, that 12 kilometers around to northwest of dengfeng city.Shaolin martial arts can be traced from back to around 1500 years ago.

Shaolin temple China

According to records,in ancient 495 year,emperor Xiaowen of Beiwei Dynasty built this shaolin temple for Indian missionizing monk Batuo in at the foot of  Song mountain,so it is also call Song shan (song mountain) shaolin monastery.

ancient Chinese warriors practicing martial arts with each other

There are many recordes on origin of shaolin martial arts,it is said that In ancient 620 year, Li Yuan and Li Shimin fought against emperor of the Sui Dynasty Wangshichong in Luoyang city, During the crucial time of the battle, TanZong leads the Shaolin warrior monks to arrest Wang Shichong's nephew Renze, and sent him to the Tang places.he appreciated monks’ help after Li succeed, and Tan Zong was awarded General,so for this battle,that offered a great opportunity to let shaolin warrior monk famous and make shaolin kungfu very successful.

Shaolin temple Talin
The ancient Talin of shaolin temple

(According to Buddhism, only the greatest monks can be buried in Talin (tomb)after death, that rewarding their virtues to encourage future generations.)

During Northern Song period, FuJu, abbot of Shaolin Temple, invited many celebrities in martial arts to Shaolin Temple to share each other’s highly skills and study.In that temple,there are thousands of shaolin monks there.

In the Ming Dynasty, the Shaolin getting more flourished and famous in the world,and the weapons,shaolin stick,played an important role.From book record,it says:Stick is the ancestor or all martial arts ,and shaolin is the cradle of the stick”,in current shaolin temple,you still can see forty eight deep foot print left by shaolin monks during the hard training in Qian FO DIAN( thousands statue of the Buddha Temple). During 1912 to 1949 year,at that time due to many fights of warlod,that destroyed the shaolin temple,and fired the temple and lasted for one month,all the buildings and precious cultural relics damaged.After the foundation of the People's Republic of China, Shaolin temple and Shaolin kung fu got new beginning . Chinese government invest huge money to rebuilt Shaolin Temple very well, and pay more attention to the development of  kung fu. A movie filmed in 1982 year,SHAOLIN TEMPLE, made the Shaolin martial arts reach its climax.

 Our temple’s shaolin martial arts masters and warrior monks will normally undergo intense training. This is not only important in creating resilience, but also bringing out the importance of having mental, spiritual and physical harmony.

The  feature of Shaolin kungfu

Shaolin kungfu has long history with vast content and unique style,and there are various sets and compact conformation that define China Shaolin kung fu Boxing .Though short, the sets and conformation is very strong. The up and down movements are always in a line during shaolin kung fu exercising. Shaolin Boxing masters believe that two people in a fighting encounter are only apart for small paces. Since victory or defeat is a matter of seconds, the linear movement is the most effective way to practice and exercise Shaolin kung fu Boxing.

Shaolin kung fu skills and power can be displayed anytime and anywhere irrespective of the size of the field. It is important to understand the theoretical part of the kung fu boxing if you are interested in the martial arts.The movements are rapid, quick and forceful and needs energy, rapid and forceful actions. This simply means “ To start boxing with bombards, defeat the enemy without any letup”.”The rapidness is in thousands boxing movements”. During routine drilling, several movements must be finished in a coherent and rapid manner. This helps to build speed. Firmness form the main focuses in Chinese Shaolin kung fu Boxing. However, flexibility is also emphasized in this martial art. Flexibility follows firmness. “Moving like the wind and be able to stand like a peg”.

There are 708 forms and techniques in Shaolin,and the forms &weapons created by warrior monks,as well as skills of locking joints,  pressing points, soft Chi Gong, Hard Qi Gong, iron sand palm and 72 techinques,etc.some of famous Chuan is Luo Han 18 hands, soft Chuan, Big hongQuan, Small hong Chuan,Tong Bi , Long Chuan,Chang form, monkey style, leopard form and so on. Shao Huo Staff, Qi Mei staff, Liu He stick, Yun Yang stick,Pai stick, Monkey staff, 5 tigers and goats staff,  Da Mo staff ect. Shaolin stick held an important status in the Shaolin martial arts, which was also known as the most famous enginery for the monks.

Some of Weapon are: 13 famous spear, 27 famous spear, 33 famous spear, Six he spear,Yang style spear, Luo style spear,ect. Shaolin single Broadsword,Mei Hu Broadsword,Chan Tou,Gun Tang,Qian Kun,Seven star sword,Baxian sword,etc..

Rare weapon:tiger head hook, nine-sections whip, Shao Zi staff,  dart,shoting star, iron fan,mandarin duck ring,Da Mo cane,and so on. 

South fist is the short name for fist forms come from Shouthern Shaolin Temple.Such as FuJian province, Guangdong province, Guang Xi province,etc.

They have monkey form, Luo Han  Chuan, Gong Zi Fu Hu Quan, Er Lang Quan, White crane fist, One finger Zen, Quan Liao Quan, Tiger eagle form, Fire Dragon form, Zun Long chuan etc.The weapons     has southern sword, south staff, south broadsword, southern spear and rare weapons. The forms of south Shaolin are various,include punching , combat, paired practise, soft & hard Chikung and so on.                      



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